Grocery Shopping!

I think I might’ve gone a bit crazy when my mom dropped me off to go food shopping at this amazingly well priced lil shop she happened to “stumble” upon! it really is just sooo fanastico!! everything is sooo affordable :O!! anyways, as I entered there were so many options I sort of ‘Lost’ myself a tincy bit 😀 and went a bit cray! the options were endless and what can I say, I like to shop? I wasn’t the only one to go crazy though! my mom went fruit and veggie shopping whilst I got the other stuff and she went absolutely bonkers! 😀 I LOVE IT 😛 the car was soooo full when we were done and it smelled of fresh fruit and veg! such a nice aroma, mind you 😉 And no, the alcohol is not mine 😀 it’s me mothers!

<< Look at how big that kale is! it’s ginormous, it’s like a big ass head of kale! 😀 lolz

Have a lovely and awesome day my imzies 😉 x


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