My Trip!

me at CornuttiMe At Cornutti’s(A Fabulous Italian Restaurant by The Knysna Heads) It was super Duper Cold! But I loved it and I had a Salad, which was one of the tastiest and most satisfying salads I have had in AGES! my hat goes off to the Chef 😛

view from CornuttiThis is the View from Cornuttis! And can I just say that this is what I saw as I was dinning! Fantastically Extraordinary 😀

The Bramon is a Wine tasting place and it is very rustic and retro; situated on the outskirts of the Knysna Forests.

fairy gardenfairy garden.. This is a very Garden, out past Knysna! it is a beautiful place to visit and as you enter it, it is as if you have entered a whole different realm and world! I haven’t visited it since I was a toddler! it was just as fun to visit again 😀

view from my walkI took this picture Randomly as I stopped on my walk(I was talking a walk with my book to have a little Alone time), The weather that day was soo magical, it was icy cold and there was a slight breeze, it was pleasant! 🙂


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