Going in with my mom to work

today I’m going in with my mom to work. I’m on holiday but honestly speaking 2 days is the maximum that I can ‘wind down and chill’ after that I need to get out and DO SOMETHING! so on my third day of vacation I started getting restless and anxious! I mean how long can a person actually sit for? hellz no, that just isn’t me! I Like going on Adventures, Exploring and doing things! so my mom suggested that she’d pay me if I helped her with one of her projects at work! sounds like a plan yes??…well it’s 1:40am here and I’m awake at 7am..teehee! I picked just the right day to stay up no?? Anyways! for breakfast I’ve decided to make my healthy, scrumptious and filling Carob, Banana and Almond Milk Smoothie! yumballz!! I also need to pack a few snacks…

Any suggestions?

What are your fav snax??


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