Got A Job!!

Yes, the title does not deceive your eyes! i have a job now and i’m earning my own money!  how fantastic 😀 have you heard of “Wakaberry”?? well it’s a froyo bar where people come get their frozen yogurt, put on their toppings, get it weighed and they pay! it really is a very cool system of selling frozen yogurt! it’s been a hectic week, but a ‘semi’-relaxing weekend! i went to a water-park with my family who have visited S.A for the first time ever! it was very fun, but not without a significant amount of AWKWARD quarrels between my aunt and her daughter(her nickname is Naughty Viktoria for a reason :/) anyways, we had a grand old time on the rides-me on them briefly and then I read my book for the rest of the time, adjusting myself in and out of the sun(I don’t like to tan, i have a fear of skin cancer!), I read like a right ol’ nerd! 😀 Tomorrow Morning at like 4am I’m waking up to catch a flight to P.E and then we’re driving to my beach house and making “tourist” stops all the way there….omw this is going to be a long day! I’ll take loads(ish) pictures and toets post em, I just might be a bit M.I.A till then 😉

Have a great week my Imzies! xx


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