yummy! Well done em!

I decided to make nachos for lunch today after my best friend recommended them, and I when I went out to get the ingredients it started really heavily snowing! What. The. Fuck. It hasn’t stuck because it was raining last night, but it’s April! This shouldn’t be happening, I’ve been looking forward to warm weather!

Anyway… These nachos taste amazing, and are pretty versatile, the recipe I’ll write down is just what I fancied eating today, but you can pretty much use whatever you want, like vegetarian meat substitutes (eg. Quorn mince), red onions, black beans instead of kidney beans… As long as you have crispy tortillas as the base, it’s pretty much guaranteed to taste good 🙂

Update on my life: I’m going to visit my best friend from university in Birmingham for a couple of days, then I have work experience at a magazine all of next week, then I’m…

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One response to “Nachos

  1. I love the cold! You’re soo lucky! Winter is legit my favorite season 😮 and I hear england is crazy freezing! How exciting 😀 lolz! My fam from england have come to visit us and they keep going on about the “terrible” weather, I don’t think it’s terrible at all! Hahaha! 😀

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