yummy! Well done em!

It’s April and it started heavily snowing this afternoon (what the fuck?!), so I took it as a sign from the universe to stay inside all day and watch TV… And what’s TV without comfort food to aid the procrastination experience?

These nachos taste amazing, and are pretty versatile, the recipe I’ll write down is just what I fancied eating today, but you can pretty much use whatever you want, like vegetarian meat substitutes (eg. Quorn mince), red onions, black beans instead of kidney beans… As long as you have crispy tortillas or Doritos as the base they’re guaranteed to taste good.

These are also made for just one person, but if you’re having a friend over to join your movie day, just double the quantities of everything and it’s as easy as that!


For the Nachos

Two large flour tortillas

200g of kidney beans

Two chopped spring onions


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One response to “Nachos

  1. I love the cold! You’re soo lucky! Winter is legit my favorite season 😮 and I hear england is crazy freezing! How exciting 😀 lolz! My fam from england have come to visit us and they keep going on about the “terrible” weather, I don’t think it’s terrible at all! Hahaha! 😀

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