The best sandwich. Possibly ever.

wow! no this looks scrumptious! healthy too, hellz yes!!

Yeah...imma eat that.

Pretty much ever chance I get, I talk about this sandwich.


It’s pretty perfect. So you see why it needed its own post. It’s just high maintenance which according to Urban Dictionary means that it, “takes forever (two hours plus) to get ready for a picnic, knows the Chanel cosmetics counter manager on a first name basis, [and] only gets their hair done by stylists who charge over $100/hour.” So yeah, this sandwich is kinda like that because it needs it’s own blog post and what not.

So this weekend Andrew and I went and looked at wedding venues and I think we found the one we’re in love with. We’re all about the exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and something historical Houston. Or at least wannabe historical Houston. The place we’re looking at probably wasn’t built in the 40s, but it’s definitely wannabe historical Houston. And we all know

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