Lentil Flat-bread FAIL! :(


Failed Flat bread



Yes, you read correctly! my lentil flat-bread creation was a fail! but it was my first try and lets be honest, it’s never “Perfected” on the first trial okay!! lollies 😀

Okay, so I attempted at making my own Lentil Flat bread, with my dads “help”-he’s a chef 😉 so after some brief inspiration to cook in general(Thank the BBC Lifestyle channel, such nice cooking shows, but no vegan cooking shows! what the heck?:/) anyways I thought up a few ingredients and decided to use a basic one for the first try! so I used Lentils(made into a flour, thanks to the blender), salt and water….yeah, first problem with the flat bread was that it was tasteless! YUCK!! secondly; it was very flour-ey, stick to your tongue..eew. and thirdly it was bland, bland, bland! but the texture was average! so after contemplating and dabbling with my thoughts I am in the midst of creating the perfect, healthy and scrumptious Lentil Flat bread! coming soon 😉 x


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