Homemade Humus- My take on it.


I haven’t had the time to post in ages, so i’m blurping everything out all in one sitting! things I’ve been saving to share with yoll! Sorry for the not so excellent imagery, but my camera has taken a leave of absence from my life and will hopefully return in the near future, so from now i have my Crackberry-so wish i had an iPhone! 😦


1 Can Chick-peas

2 tbsp Paprika

2 tsp Cayenne Chili

2 tsp salt-*add more to taste

2 tsp pepper

1/2 squeezed lemon- to make juice, add the zest for an extra kick

1-2 cups water

2-3 tbsp Marsala

olive oil*- if desired


Drain and Rinse Chick-peas

Add to blender with the squeezed lemon juice

Blend and Add water gradually

Add in all the spices whilst it is on medium speed

Once all spices are in, increase speed and continue to add water until desired consistency is found

When Nearing desired consistency, if you want that extra kick* add in the zest now

Remove from blender and add to a container- if you want to, you can add olive oil to keep it for longer, but i chose not to.

Enjoy on Rye bread or eat with a spoon! oooohLALA! 😉


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