Green Breakfast Smoothie!

green juice brekkieGreen Breakfast Smoothie!


Green Brekkie Smoothie:

So, one morning i woke up and I very hungry nor had a good appetite, but i knew i needed some nutrients in me and i also needed to whip up something quick and healthy! On-The-Go really cuz i had school in about…..’check watch’…35mins! Hot daym i was cutting it close! 😀

If you don’t know me, you wouldn’t know that i take about 1 1/2 hours to get ready for school, give or take more time! haha!! bad habit..i know, but i’m a perfectionist, what can i do!

So then the idea sprung to my head as i stared idly at the wall and my blender caught my eye! “I know! smoothie!!”

I opened up my fridge and to my delight there in the fridge was…Banana’s, Berries(raspberries), Spinach and Orange juice. Then i looked in my cupboard and there stood..Protein powder, Granola and raisins, so i gathered all my ingredients up and whipped up a scrumptious breakfast.


Handful of Raspberries(or berry of your choice)

Handful of Raisins

1 Banana

Bunch of Spinach leaves

1/2 glass Orange juice

1/2 glass water

2 tbsp Protein Powder(or none)

Handful Granola


Bang all the ingredients into the blender, start on low speed, slowly increasing to high

Blend for 2-5 mins, until desired consistency

Pour into a glass and Enjoy! 😀


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