Cr@zy Colorful Cupcakes and Funky new shoes!

rainbow cupo-cakeshoes!


I just had to post these 2 pics! first of all, is it just me or is that rainbow cupcake insane! insanely awesome!!…no that isn’t my cupcake nor is it me holding it, it’s my friend gaby’s cupcake and I have to attempt to veganize it as soon as i get a chance! Making it Healthy, delicious and eye-catching 😉

Secondly- Check out my new funk a$$ shoes!! yes, they are the blue ones and yes, they are brogues! Just how unique are they?? my dad bought them for me unexpectedly and won’t tell me where he got them hahah! Really dad….really 😐

They are just On Point! i love em! oh, just to place the pic, it’s the night of that day i did community service at that school 😀 Fun times, Fun times 😀


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