Carob and Almond Butter Shake

carob shake

I finally got to go grocery shopping and on the top of my long list of groceries was Carob powder and Carob flakes! Once i got home i got planning on what to make next, i took a peek into my pantry and voila, presto! the idea came to my head from the many different recipes i’ve seen online, So here is my Carob and Almond butter shake.


Almonds are a great source of protein and are also alkaline for the body. This shake is made using carob which looks like chocolate but actually tastes nothing like chocolate however it still tastes yummy without the sugar and caffeine that is found in regular chocolate. Carob is from the carob tree which produces tiny carob seeds from which they make the carob paste and powder.

1tbsp carob flakes
1tbsp carob powder
150ml soy milk*-or desired milk(or water)
1tbsp almond butter
½ frozen banana
1tbsp raw honey
½ tsp vanilla extract-pure

Add all the ingredient to a blender and blend until smooth



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