Change of Plans

Don’t you just hate when you have planned to do something and then somehow out of the blue it gets subsided and all your organizing and getting excited was for nothing?? 

Yeah well that’s what has happened to me tonight! yay……

I planned to go to a party tonight after work, but after getting back home ‘dearest mother’ decided it was too late to go out and she didn’t feel like it anymore.

ummm…I did not just work 8 hours and kept going because of the thought that i’d be partying after.

Yes, yes i did! but instead of blowing up and getting completely agro and ape, i took a step back and evaluated the situation. it was one party, life goes on and there are going to be several others. so instead a night filled with meditation, research and homework is what was in-store for this chickie-doo. 


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